On meeting Alexander

By 23rd February 2017 No Comments

Like I said in the last post, it’s such a comfort knowing there are other NKH families who get it. There must be 40 or so families in the U.K. To put that in perspective, the population of the UK is around 65.3 million (ish). Which means NKH kids are about 0.00006% of the UK population.

Lucky for us, while we’re at hospice, one family was only an hour away. So they came to visit, and we had the pleasure of meeting Alexander.

Oh my days, he’s lovely. He has the most beautiful eyelashes you ever did see, and his parents are a wealth of knowledge. Alex is almost five, and just, the sheer amount of stuff they’ve learnt in that time blows my mind, and makes me feel like such a new NKH parent. It got the point where just small comments were enlightening and I had to apologise while I pulled out my phone to take notes.

It struck me just how far we have to go, and how much further there is to go, if Kai gets that far. Alexanders parents are strong, super super strong. I’m aware that it takes hardship to build strength, but it was also easy to see how much they love their son. And I suspect that for us, that’s where we’ll find our strength too, in our love for Kai.

It’s comforting to know that they’ve been where we are, and they’re managing. They’re doing okay. It’s not easy by any stretch of the word, but that they have such a good handle on things gives us hope.


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