Kai’s One Year Photos

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Way back when Kai was born, we didn’t have a newborn shoot. I wanted one – I had scouted out a few photographers whose style I loved – but Kai and NKH cut all those plans short. A newborn shoot was the last thing on my mind once we were in NICU with all the life limiting, terminal conversations we were having.

When we finally made it out of NICU, we’d been put forward for a shoot with an amazing charity, called Remember My Baby. It was lovely, but so awkward because our baby was very much alive. I still treasure those photos, but at the same time there’s the expectation of terminal coming soon hovering about. Fair call, because not even three weeks later we were back in hospital on palliative care.

Now? A whole year later? I wanted to capture Kai at a year. I wanted some not-waiting-for-the-end photos. We invited Kami (who has followed our story from the beginning when I first messaged her about a newborn shoot) to come spend some time with us, and she is awesome. More than awesome.

She was funny, and loved on Kai and did a great job of setting us at ease. And her photos are beautiful. So so so beautiful. I can’t even explain how beautiful they are. We got so many amazing photos of our day. There were some posed ones of the three of us but what really surprised me was the amazing ones of just, our everyday normal. Feeds, meds, changing the tape on Kai’s tube, nap fighting, cuddles and chats and playtime.




We’re really grateful Kami was able to document our time with Kai. Love the photos. Love love love them.  If you’re looking for a photographer, we can’t recommend Kami enough. She’s fab!