On the b:Generous Amsterdam + Paris Run

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Every year Sam’s work does a Be Generous week, that’s focused around giving back to the community. It means charity events and volunteering and donating. Every year there is a run in Amsterdam (and this year Paris too!) for #teamMikaere and NKH Research. That this is a regular run blows my mind.

People sign up to run around Vondel Park, and people get their laps sponsored. I love that they do this. There were a few cheeky sponsors this year, who increased their sponsorship rate for higher laps. Sam flew across to Amsterdam to run, which was amazing. He ran 5 laps, with each lap being 3km. I can’t really fathom running that personally, we’re super proud of him!

Overall, there were 28 runners in Amsterdam, and 7 in Paris. They raised over €5,500 for NKH Research, which is no small act!

When I think about all those people who ran, when I think about Chris R who organised the runs, and all the people who  sponsored/donated – I get teary.

This is personal for us. This is our son’s future, one which is not promised or even expected, and here are all these people who clearly are with us. Research is the only hope we have for an effective treatment, for a better quality of life for our son. That money is the only bottleneck is frustrating.

I can’t begin to explain what a comfort it is to know that there are people fundraising on our behalf. That we’re not alone, that we’re not doing this by ourselves.

You make us feel heard, and seen. You give us hope. So thank you. We love you guys, and we’re grateful you’re on #teamMikaere

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