The wine tasting

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We’re pretty lucky to have so many close friends willing to pitch in to raise money for NKH Research. We’ve raised an awful lot of money, but it’s been tough to know that it’s barely a drop in the bucket. To continuously ask and lean on the generousity of our friends and family (you guys!) has been a continuous effort in perseverance. Which is why we’re so so grateful when our friends help.

One of our friends, Chris, works at Majestic Wines in Putney. He very very kindly offered to help us put on a wine tasting. We picked a date, a friend of ours (thanks Sohail!) donated the venue, the delightful Putney Rowing Club. And off we went.

It was a fab afternoon. We had a small number of people come, but I’m so grateful for the people that did. We even had our bereavement nurse from NICU come by – she hadn’t seen Kai since we were discharged and it was such an emotional moment to see her, and to have her love on Kai. 

It was a fab mix of people on the day. Chris did a hilarious and amazing job of running through a tasting (the first half of the tasting was paired. Knowing how a sav is better with goats cheese, or that cheddar makes Merlot taste better was pretty impressive). The second half was a blind tasting which was hilarious.
Generally, we had a lovely afternoon in good company with wine. We also raised over £500 on the night, with another £450 coming in from people who couldn’t make the event. Colour us impressed. We were very very pleased.

This was actually the first event we’ve organised ourselves. Isn’t that crazy? We’ve partly organised many, and we’ve said ‘yes please’ half a dozen times when someone has offered to run a fundraiser (we’re so grateful, hey. So so so grateful). But this? This was all us. Well. This was mostly Sam. I mostly enjoyed the wine!

We still feel like we’re pretty green at this fundraising thing, so we took away plenty of ideas (like that raffles are more about winning than the prize. Next time we’ll do lots of small hampers, rather than one large one!). 

Thank you to everyone who came, and for all those that donated when they couldn’t. We’ll have another one soon, in the winter when wine and warmth go hand in hand. It’s going to be great 🙂 

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