On visiting our fifth hospital in four months (and the infected subcut)

By 26th February 2017 No Comments

Kai’s subcut site got infected. It’s a thing that can happen when you have a needle under your skin for a week, and now it’s all purple and inflammed and sore to the touch.

We’ve tried two different antibiotics (adding a few more meds to the kajillion he’s already on, even worse: these ones always cause him to vomit), and we’ve waited. I took photos every few days and we drew black lines around it in biro to see if it was growing or not.

When it was clear it wasn’t getting any better and was proper bulging into not quite an abscess but maybe an abscess, we went down the road from our hospice and visited our fifth hospital.

We packed loads, fully anticipating a long stay, so imagine our surprise when we were in and out in a few hours. Lucky for us.

We’re trying a new antibiotic and a salt dressing, and we wait another few days. If it doesn’t look like it’s healing, we’ll be sent back to our London hospital to have it cut open and removed. We’d like to avoid the knife if we can.

Fingers crossed.


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