On sunny days

By 26th May 2017 No Comments

The more I hang out with our NCT kids, the less dagger like their developmental progression feels. It’s hard not to delight in this little group of 6 month olds. They’re all smiles and chubby cheeks and what else can they fit in their mouths?

We went to Battersea the other day, and oh my days, it was nice to be outside. We’d spent the morning at the hospital at some routine appointments, and meeting the researchers and I was desperate for time with non-medical people.

Four of us made it, and one of the other mothers asked if I’d like a cuddle with her wee little one. Oh my days, as much as it’s difficult to see kai not developing typically, this little sweet thing was such a delight! She was so strong, and determined and focused. She was so beautiful, and holding her was such a joy. I felt like I got a small glimpse into what it might have been (though I’m careful not to linger in the world of what ifs too long).

It was just an amazing afternoon. Fab company, the sun was out. Kai had pulled out his ng tube and because no feed was due I left it. Which means for the first time while we were out and about kai had bare cheeks. We walked the 40 minute meander home, and it was beautiful.

It’s amazing how something as small as a sunny day, a park and wonderful company can completely change your day around.

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