What is the chicken nugget challenge?!

On the 30.11.21, we’ll each eat a silly number of chicken nuggets to raise funds for charity + NKH Research

How does it work?

1. You sign up to the justgiving team here
2. You pick your level Extra (50 nuggets) or Basic (25 nuggets).
3. You get each nugget sponsored, and have your friends and family donate to your just giving page. Extra – 50 nuggets, sponsored at £2 per nugget. Extra – 25 nuggets, sponsored at £4 each.
4. On the 30.11.21, you source your nuggets, and eat them following the rules (below).
5. If you can not finish your sponsored nuggets, you must donate an additional £1 per nugget not eaten.

You can complete your challenge at home, or wherever is convenient.

How do I sign up?

Easy! Click the button:

Sign Up

What are the rules?

The rules:
1. Each nugget eaten must be sponsored, each participant must raise minimum of £100.
2. You must eat all your nuggets (as long as common sense dictates its safe to do so)
3. You can use as many sauces as you like
4. You source (and pay for) your own chicken nuggets (100 is £20 from McDonalds, conveniently delivered by Uber Eats, or your can pick some up from the freezer section of your supermarket to cook at home)
5. You must not leave the table till you finish your nuggets or you yield.
6. You can be anywhere in the world, as long as at some point on the 30th of Nov you eat your nuggets, it’s fine!
7. You must take a ten second video (on your phone, landscape please) of how you’re feeling every ten nuggets, and upload it to a shared folder (as we will mix a quick promo video for sharing).
8. If you post anything to social media, you use the hashtag #nkhChickenNuggetChallenge
9. You must raise your funds for Joseph’s Goal.

Why Joseph’s Goal + NKH Research?

We’re raising money for NKH Research. Nonketotic Hyperglycinemea (NKH) is a rare and terminal metabolic disorder that affects children. It means they can’t process glycine, which is a neurotransmitter. Toxic levels of glycine cause the neurones to overfire and die, causing brain damage.

This is shown as seizures, severe global developmental delay (delays in physical, intellectual and social development), low tone, causes children to be severely disabled.

Joseph’s Goal is the only NKH charity in the UK, and supports Prof Nick Greene at UCL in London, who is the closest to a clinical trial for gene replacement therapy – a treatment which would radically improve the quality of life of kids with NKH.

Because NKH is so rare and is funded by families, every single penny helps. Every single pound raised has a tangible effect on what can be done. The funds raised by families last year sped up research by 18 months – this is significant, when 80% of children with NKH don’t see their first birthday.

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