On The NKH Car Sticker

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Did you know the ‘Baby on Board’ sign isn’t so that other drivers will drive safer around your car? It’s so that if you’re in a car accident, the emergency team know there is a baby in the car and to adjust their priorities appropriately.

I’ve been thinking about that for a while, not sure how to help in that situation. We carry emergency medication and emergency files with us everywhere we go. But if we were in a car accident and I was unable to advocate for Mikaere… what would we do then? Mikaere is on six hourly medications – or what if he was in so much pain he started seizing? There are a bunch of medications he’s not able to have – most which are first line seizure medications.

What would happen if I weren’t able to advocate for him?  It scares me.

So I’ve been looking at medical alert seatbelt things.

Then another NHK Mum posted a car window sticker (thanks Amber!). It was pretty brilliant, so I altered it slightly and got more printed. Now on our car window there are stickers to let emergency teams know specifically about Mikaere. We haven’t got the seatbelt alert yet, but at least there’s a sign in the window to indicate something’s wrong. I’m positive that if worst came to worst, he’d be taken care of the best he could.

PS – NKH family I have extras. If you want some, £1 each + p&p. I’ll send them to you! All proceeds go to Joseph’s Goal + NKH Research.